I will be doing an interview with a fellow photographer. Follow him on Instagram. I promise you won’t be disappointed. He is so humble and passionate about the work he does. Every photo has a well thought out message.



Watch “Betzy The Photographer” on YouTube

I did an interview with Betzy Velasco about her work as a photographer. She was quite nervous with each question I asked her. However, I did my best to make her feel comfortable. She said it is very difficult to keep her thoughts together. I understand where she was coming from because I have some difficulty in answering questions, too. Overall, she gave it her all to answer all questions with so much passion and enthusiasm.

As you all know Betzy has two Instagram accounts. Her personal account shows photographs of her family, friends and significant other. She likes to photograph different buildings. She mentions many kids during this generation are following suit.

In her business account she presents her professional photographs she finds most proud of. She can do business inquiries with other artist’s. I was so honored to do this project.

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Don’t forget to watch the interview I had with Betzy:

NarqisbyQwi : Behind the Scenes with Qwi


My interview with Qwi’Nasia Little is finally here! The video post is on YouTube!

Check it out:

Behind the Scenes of Qwi’s Interview:

I could never forget the day of my shooting with Qwi’Nasia Little. I had work that day and it was so depressing outside from all the rain. Qwi didn’t want me to go out in the rain to meet up with her to do this interview. I told her I will because I like to keep my promises. I visited her at her house to film the video. Although, it was dark outside, she showed so much happiness and passion towards her work as an artist. We had a conversation before and after the shooting. She was also going through some tough times through her life but she didn’t let that put her down.

I am so proud of her of how much work and effort she put on her blog and art. I know she will go places with her talents and skills. The interview I had with Qwi made me so inspired because honestly I wasn’t writing posts every week. I usually write posts once in a blue moon when I wasn’t busy from school or work. However, I needed to be committed and stay consistent as a blogger. Fortunately, I will graduate very soon from college and I will have more time toinvest in myself. Throughout the video she knew what to say for every answer and didn’t hesitate for any of her answers. She kept her passion tied together and didn’t care what other’s thought about her. I like her type of mindset as a human being. We tend to care so much about what others think about us that we don’t follow our own dreams. Her blog will consist with fashion advice, interviews, drawings, and etc. She is keeping herself organized and diligent to create a good blog for her audience to see.

I will keep you guys updated when she is creating a new project in the future.

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Hey Everyone!

I did an interview with my friend. I will be posting the video live on YouTube by next week. You will be learning more about her and her blog. It was such a pleasure to see her grow as an artist.

For now check out her Blog & Instagram:

If you want to be the next person to get interviewed or get your work promoted on my site. Don’t hesitate and email me about your request. I will set an appointment for you that fits with your schedule. 🙂

Yaya Tea Cafe

Yaya Tea Cafe Website


After 8 years of knowing this cafe shop, I have been introduced to different flavors and items on the menu. From its humble-beginnings of offering tea to hundred’s of their customers, I have seen the business grow to be the business they are now. The company expanded to other locations in NY, New York. 

The business finally opened it’s doors at Gramercy, New York. This will be an amazing opportunity to gain many of its customer’s through students from Baruch College, Baruch High School, School of Visual of Arts, and School of the Future. The location of the business is a perfect spot to advertise and market their product to the public. I know when a business is going to gain so much success because they have the potential. Since Bubble Tea are becoming popular to the younger generation, this will be a strategy to develop profits.  

Customer service is on point because they aware their consumers about their products and services. They welcome each consumer as they walk through their new doors to make them feel special and to show they have something to offer to them. Usually bubble tea cost range about $2.50-$4.50. The price for their tea meets at the medium-range. I recommend this tea shop for it’s price, product, and customer service. 

Follow them through social media to see new updates about the business:

Yaya Tea Instagram

Yaya Tea Facebook

As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles

Amazon Article

The overall summary of the article is about Amazon are becoming more innovative. Their investing in robots to replace workers doing tedious and laborious work. The purpose for this is to get people to work in the technical and mental work. Also, to help workers become less tiresome while at the job-site. Dave Clark, the top executive in charge of operations for Amazon, believes that the robots are a sufficient way to generate more jobs, profits, and revenue. 

“It’s a myth that automation destroys net job growth,” -Dave Clark; top executive in charge of operations for Amazon

As of September 11, 2017 Amazon’s stocks increased by 9.45 (0.98%), which shows that their innovative has upscale their productivity. Although, technology is a more productive way to work, companies shouldn’t rely solely on technology to get the job done. Technology should be an alternative strategy to finish a task. People are becoming lazy in the modern generation. I think Amazon’s new technology for it’s Warehouse facilities should be monitor daily because of workers protection. There are things people should take into account.




Behind these close doors there’s more to the story,

Things are not what they seem.

Struggles and hardships is something we live by.

We put a show and pretend everything is okay.

So we put our mask on and fake a smile or two.

Sometimes, humor others to satisfy their happiness.

But, there is always some kind of tragic story to tell.

Working hard to reach our goals and use those tragedies to become a stronger person.

This is a cruel reality we must face, because sometimes we will face it alone in order to learn the hard way.

One day we will suffocate in deep exhaustion from all the work we put in.

Take a deep breath and take a break.

I’m not a God. Nor am I the book of life. I do not know all the answers.

But I do know this, you are worthy. & you are stronger than you may think.

Motivation is key to our survival.


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